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oing a lot of thinking about a lot of important things. >> jennifer: you have got to love those vintage campaign ads. that's from way back in 1956 more than half a century ago. not much as changed since then at least according to governor romney. women are still thinking about a lot of important things like how fast they can get out of the office and cook for their families. >> i recognize if you are going to have women in the work force sometimes you have to be more flexible. my chief of staff had two kids in school and she said i can't be here until 7:00 or 8:00 at night, i need to get home to fix dinner for my kids. >> jennifer: he also claimed he sought qualified women to work
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for him. >> i said gosh can't we find some women that are also qualified. i went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find folks and they brought us whole binders full of women. >> jennifer: binders full of women. but behind the awkward ward beaver meets hugh hefner wording, there still were no specifics. he still has not said if he supports the lilly ledbetter act. you'll remember this answer. >> jennifer: crickets. well, it's october, and we are still waiting. last night actually senior
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advisor, ed gillespie told the "huffington post" that mitt romney would not have signed the lilly ledbetter fair pay act into law, but then today ed gillespie did an about face and he said, quote . . . he never weighed in on it. he is just a blank canvas waiting for you to guess what he thinks and what we'll do. and that lack of specifics might be helping with women. lake research partners said 5 f% of women in swing states felt that the president won compared to 34% said that romney did. maybe last night brought the women back. on the campaign trail both candidates seemed to be angling
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for the female vote. the president stood in front of a virtual wall of women and made his pitch. >> we should make sure all of our young people our daughters as well as our sons to thriving in these fields. we don't have to find a bunch of binders to make sure women can complete in these fields right now. and when women graduate, they should get equal pay for equal work! [ cheers and applause ] >> jennifer: i love it! the romney campaign brought out its big gun, condoleezza rice. >> we can't afford to continue to be a country in which so many men, and especially so many women in these hard economic times don't know if they will ever work again. >> jennifer: no mention of the fact that it was her former
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boss's policies that got us into this mess in the first place. joining me now is my panel. thank to you both for coming inside "the war room." >> it's good to be here. >> it's chicks at the table. >> and not a binder in sight. >> we were going to bring in a bunch of binders, but we decided we would instead talk to y'all and find out what you thought. >> erin the binder comment is that going to be something that is heard more than just one day following the debate. >> when you listen to his remarks, even though he is wrong on the facts, a strong economy tends to widen the wage gap,
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some of the things he was saying are not that bad. it's important to be aware of these things. talk about affirmative action. sounds great to me. as long as he is finding qualified people for the position. but he sounded so condescending and distant. the reason he sounds distant and est stranged about women is because he is. the reason he was so proactive as a massachusetts governor is because it dogged him on the campaign trail to begin with that he was insensitive to women. >> jennifer: i have antenna out for this so when somebody -- you know, when he goes out of his way to try to
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get women into his cabinet, you should be applauding that. but it is exactly the way it was said that caused my meeter to go off. >> and then it turns out not even to be true. >> jennifer: yeah, he didn't recruit the binders the binders were brought to him. >> the first debate we were completely ignored. the second debate we got sort of kind of one question but still not really talk about us. so it was great to finally see them talking about us and fighting for our votes. and two female moderators right. so that was refreshing but i saw it as a missed opportunity, because the moment he opened his mouth, i thought about the column i wrote before the debate. and a couple of the questions were about diversity.
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one of the questions were how many friends of a different race do you actually have. but when you start asking people questions like how many of your advisors have been somebody of a different gender or race and if the person has ever thought about it, like can you bring me someone with a diverse perspective so i can talk to them. >> jennifer: you are right on the money. if you are not exposed to a range of people you are going to have a narrow mind. do you think the president got his mojo back with women last night? >> i know it does. because governor romney told us it does. when we moved on to immigration he was like, i want to clarify that he got my contraception
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plan completely wrong -- and i thought to myself wasn't that four or five questions ago. and the fact he was trying so hard to push back says to all of us that he was concerned. he was probably already pictures attack ads, and he knew right after the first debate his numbers he finally started gaining with women voters. the president could win the election being where he is with men, the governor cannot win with where he is with women. >> joy: there is a new poll out, the number one question for swing state women is actually the question of choice. in contrast men see jobs as the number one issue. >> they often say that. i think one thing that is really important to point out that the
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president said, was he pointed out several times that health care is an economic issue, so is access to contraception and abortion. these are all things that affect our ability to participate in the work side alongside men on the terms that we choose. so when president obama was asked about the wage force pivoted for that one for the reasons that kellies says. romney is running an ad where he pretends to be a moderate after running towards defunding planned parenthood. the party has moved to the right so drastically on reproductive rights >> jennifer: but can he fool women in to thinking he is the moderate mitt? >> i think it falls on those of us in the media to clarify his positions. >> jennifer: yes, go women. >> i have tried.
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i have been getting very frustrated because they say things like president obama says that mitt romney wants to deny contraception coverage. mitt romney denies that. well, no he denied it because he said that title ten doesn't matter. >> i think paul ryan could end up being the ultimate albatross. >> jennifer: yes, this is not the end of this issue. this opens up a real opportunity for women to make a difference in this election. thank you so much for coming in you guys. coming up, we're just getting started on a wednesday night. means and malarky, sketchy deals and sour faces. sounds like a debate involving mitt romney all right. plus for reasons god only knows, mitt romney once again waded into the auto bailout, the
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right by those who gave their lives to for this country nearly 70 years ago. >> jennifer: 65.6 million viewers watched last night's debate. it was just down 2.3% from the first debate. huge volume of viewers. what they saw were the sharp contrasts between the president and mitt romney on so many levels. and immigration reform was one such policy difference. >> we're going to have to stop
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illegal immigration. there are 4 million people waiting in line to get her legally. those who come here illegally take their place. i will not grant amnesty to those who come here illegally. >> jennifer: this time president obama did not let romney's stuff just slide by. >> his main strategy during the republican primary was to say we're going to encourage self deportation. making life so miserable on folks, that they will leave. >> jennifer: the whole immigration discussion prompted the most twitter activity of the debate. more than 109,000 tweets per minute. there were 7.2 million tweets over all. 3.1 million fewer tweets than during the first debate.
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which is kind of odd. maybe big bird sat this one out. joining us now is mark mellman, ceo of the mellman group. welcome back inside "the war room," mark. >> thanks pleasure to be with you as always. >> jennifer: let me start with the immigration one. how is that immigration back and forth -- how will it play in swing states? meanings it is important to them, but will the obama campaign be able to use moments anded a for example to get out the latino vote? >> i think they will and i think the latino media covered that very heavily. when romney talks about self deportation, later on he tried to define it as a choice. deportation is not a choice. people have a choice right now. self deportation is encouraging
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people to get themselves out of this country. and i think that will help drive latino vote to the president. >> jennifer: so obviously the latino vote key in several swing state, but the president also worked in a few of the swing states in a response about energy. let's listen to it. >> i'm for pipelines and oil production. what i'm not for is us ignoring the other half of the equation. on wind energy when governor romney says these are imaginary jobs when you have thousands of people right now in iowa right now in colorado who are working, creating wind power with good-paying manufacturing jobs -- >> jennifer: how much of an advantage is the renewable energy issue alone in those swing states? >> it's a really important issue because people understand that we have got to rely on
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american-produced energy on the one hand and on the other hand they recognize one of the ways we get the jobs of the future is changing our energy structure. and it matters in both contexts in a number of these swing states. >> jennifer: obviously another swing state issue michigan and ohio, of course is the auto industry. do you think the president was effective in coming after mitt romney on essentially again claiming credit for the idea of the bankruptcy? was it effective? >> i think it was very effective. you know this better than i do, but the reality is if mitt romney had had his way those auto companies would have been out of business the suppliers would have been out of business the jobs would have been gone before they had a chance to put themselves together. and i think the public in those
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states understands that romney's position is bad for jobs in ohio, michigan, and quite frankly the american economy. >> jennifer: i think it's offensive that he keeps going back to the auto bailout as though it was his idea. hey, the snap polls that were out after the debate last night, called the president the winner. those snap polls are obviously just a snapshot, but do they reflect, do you think, what we'll see in the traditional polls in a couple of days? >> not necessarily, unfortunately. we hope they will. i hope they will. but there's a difference between winning a debate on the one hand and people voting for you on the other. but i think there is a real advantage to the president coming out of this debate first he was very strong he took some of the false van near off of
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romney, but a macro strategic level, when this race is about barack obama, he does less well. after this debate, the race is once again about mitt romney. when it's about mitt romney barack obama does much better mitt romney does much less well so we have every reason to hope it will be reflected in the polls, but it is learnly not automatic. >> jennifer: well, from your mouth to god's ears it actually is. of all of the moments in the debate, which do you think will be the one that lingers for mitt romney. >> libya should not have been that important in this debate last night. but it will be because candy crowley called out mitt romney for his falsehoods. it will be because the president responded in a very strong and principles way. and also making clear that
7:20 pm
romney was being completely dishonest and disenagainous, and romney stood there like a deer in the lead lights. >> jennifer: he said the buck stops here. when he took responsibility and said hilary clinton works for me. is our administration, but then when he said that's not what he do, and that you would say that we would politicize something or we would not -- that we were covering something up, that's not what we do and to suggest it is offensive, to me that was a stellar moment of leadership for the president. and woe to mitt romney if he raises this issue again in the foreign policy debate. do you think he will? >> i couldn't agree with you more. i don't think he will -- i don't think he should. my guess is he will for the same reason he keeps raising the auto rescue. he cannot help but try to be
7:21 pm
right every time even when he is wrong. >> jennifer: i think that is his achilles heel. he wants to be so right. he is going to come back at it and you watch -- like he did keep coming back to issues in the debate that had left several questions earlier, he has to be right. >> yes. >> jennifer: mark mellman thank you so much for joining us again. there was a different set of values on display last night when it came to rules. the president tried to make sure everybody was playing by the same set of rules, but mitt romney was a tad more concerned about making up his own rules -- >> he got the first question so i get the last answer -- >> actually in the follow-up, it doesn't quite work like that.
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but i'm going to give you a chance here. president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage. then how'd i get this...
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>> obama: now what he says is he is going to make sure that this doesn't add to the deficit, and he is going cut middle class taxes, but when he is asked, how are you going to do it he can't tell you. the fact that he only has to pay 14% on his taxes, when a lot of you are paying much higher you know, he has already taken that off of the board. capital gains are going to continue to be at a low rate. we haven't heard from the governor, any specific beyond
7:25 pm
big bird and eliminating funding for planned parenthood in terms of how he plays for that. >> jennifer: that was a great moment. why? because it hee lighted one of governor romney's huge liabilities, which is his refusal to get specific about his tax plan. how can he expect people to vote for him, when he's unwilling, refuses to say what he will do. frankly, i find all of this evasiveness, incredibly frustrating. i know i'm not alone, and joining me now to discuss governor romney's tax plan is new york congressman, jerrold nadler. congressman welcome inside "the war room." >> it's good to be here. >> it's good for me to be here in new york. normallier i'm in san francisco. let's talk about this tax plan. so we know that he wants to
7:26 pm
lower the rates by 20%, right? >> uh-huh. >> jennifer: and we know that that and the capital gains tax and the estate tax costs about $5 trillion, right? >> right. >> jennifer: so that $5 trillion has to be filled somehow unless he is going to increase the deficit. so the whole question has been how does he select which deductions to take away. and he refuses to say which ones. can you take away enough deductions to be able to fill that $5 trillion hole? >> no, you cannot. if you -- the center for tax policy studied that, and they said if you eliminate every deduction that is basically for rich people you would have to eliminate the mortgage tax deduction, the charitable tax deduction, health care -- >> jennifer: but he did say he
7:27 pm
would look at it a different way. he would give individuals the ability to have 15,000 or 20,000 in overall deductions and you get to pick. would that take care of it? >> the arithmetic is very simple. if you divide the population to people who make more and less than $200,000 a year, you could eliminate every deduction for everybody making more than $200,000, and you would still have to go way below that and have people below $200,000 paying more taxes. because people above a million dollars would pay less taxes. >> jennifer: so what the heck? he has this -- i'm the ceo! i can do this. right? in fact i'm going to have you listen to a sound bite of him
7:28 pm
being the ceo. >> romney: i was -- i was someone who ran businesses for 25 years and balanced the budget. i ran the olympics and balanced the budget. i ran the -- the state of massachusetts as a governor to the extent any governor does and balanced the budget all four years. >> jennifer: so therefore you don't need to ask him those kind of questions just trust him. >> i would certainly want to know when he was governor of massachusetts where massachusetts was 47th in job creation for one thing. his policies didn't work. and i don't care if he balanced budgets in private businesses three of these worst presidents we have had economically hoover coolidge -- >> joy: the second bush. >> yes. it doesn't necessarily
7:29 pm
translate. fdr who was a great president economically had never run a private business. and anyone running for president, the congress, or senate or anything you have to say what is your plan? and when someone comes up with a plan that doesn't add up mathematically you have to question it. and balancing the budget he is going create jobs. >> jennifer: he does say energy. >> well, let's assume it's an intelligent energy policy -- which it isn't, but let's assume it is. let's assume we get to energy independence in america. first of all that would take ten
7:30 pm
years. secondly that doesn't build jobs. it's the work of gaining the independence. the infrastructures being roads, bridges, high waist, or renewables or whatever investments that put people to work or schools or hospitals, those things put people to work. those are worthwhile investments and do generate jobs. but just saying you are going to be energy independent doesn't enrate jobs nor does it lower the cost of gasoline because the cost of gasoline is set on the world market, and we only generate 2% of the world's energy, we consume 25%, and if we generated 5% you are still not in the world market. >> jennifer: the narrative that the president should tell quickly. >> when he took office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month.
7:31 pm
we pass the american recovery act, saved the automobile industry, did a few other things, and within 14 months we were gaining 50,000 a month. then the president knew to keep the rate of recovery going, we needed more. so he proposed the american jobs act, but the republicans refused to pass that and that's why refusing to keep the stimulus going in effect is why the recover is going less robustly now than it was a year and a half ago. >> it's a true story. new york congressman jerrold nadler, thank you so much for joining us inside "the war room." up next lying is not romney's achilles heel the truth is. and the truth of him being an outsourcing pioneer is playing out in illinois.
7:32 pm
with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> now that's politially direct. >>start the night with a special live edition of "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at 7 eastern. only on current tv.
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>> jennifer: there's news tonight on a story we have been covering here in "the war room." it certains the layoffs at the sensata company. workers who have been forced to train their chinese replacements have been appeals to mitt romney to intervene, but so far he hasn't. and today sixth of those people were arrested.
7:36 pm
the issue is bigger than just sensata. at last night's debate any president through mitt romney right into the middle of it? >> when he talks about getting tough on china, keep in mind that governor romney invested in companies that were pioneers of outsourcing to china, and is currently investing in countries -- in companies that are building surveillance equipment for china to spy on its own folks. governor you are the last person who is going to get tough on china. >> jennifer: it's not just that romney has personal investments, but his tax plan and his parties actions actually encourage companies to do so. earlier this year congress considered the bring jobs home act, which would give companies incentives to hire workers here rather than overseas here is
7:37 pm
pat quinn pushing for that bill in july. >> it says that we're not going to use the tax code in the united states of america to allow these companies to outsource jobs ship them overseas, and then they get to take tax deductions tax breaks on their plant, their equipment, their workers. we the taxpayers are basicallyic subsidizing the outsourcing of our jobs from america. >> jennifer: it may be wrong, but senate republicans supported the probably blocking the bill in a 56-42 vote. joining me from chicago is governor pat quinn. thank you for joining us in "the war room." >> good to see you have. you are looking good. >> jennifer: well, thank you.
7:38 pm
>> and we miss you in the midwest. >> jennifer: i miss the great lakes. any way, i would wax on but considering today's arrests pat, how desperate is the situation in freeport? >> i think anybody who is working and raising a family is sympathetic to the people of sensata. i know doth turner started there when she was 17 or 18 years old, she is 61 and they are forced to train the chinese workers who will take their jobs. and i feel the people of freeport, illinois, and america are on the side of these 170 america workers, and to let the tax code of our countries to
7:39 pm
help move these jobs to other countries is unamerica. >> jennifer: i agree. do you think the president was effective last night. >> yeah i think we should point out bain capital is doing this. in fact freeport is being called bainport now. we should stop this tax subsidies for american companies shipping jobs to china or elsewhere overseas and i thought the president did a very good job of cutting the difference between his policies and that of romney and it was a great debate. i think the people of illinois and america were very proud of our president. >> jennifer: i agree with you. one of mitt romney's economic plans is to balance the budget as it should be, but he always talks ago big government and when he seems to think all
7:40 pm
democrats are about big government, you have been taking on some big entitlements, like pensions. have you been able to save taxpayer dollars? >> we have proposals. we haven't passed them yet, jennifer. our deadline is january 9th of next year. we have already passed pension reform, but we're having a reform on current employees. we want to make sure everyone has a decent pension, good retirement but we have to invest in early childhood education, and k-through-12. there's real important issues of investing in the next generation that president obama talked about, and he also talked about the importance of high-speed rail right here in the midwest, and when you were governor of michigan you lead the effort for
7:41 pm
that right here. and i'm going to meet with our transportation secretary, we're going through illinois on high-speed rail. it's quite exciting. >> jennifer: clearly the idea of investing in infrastructure is one of the president's blocks in his five-point plan. he wants to make sure we have human infrastructure as well as physical infrastructure. pat if you had to pick a moment last night in the debate that was your favorite, what did you say? >> i had a chance to meet lilly ledbetter. what a great woman who was really cheated out of a fair wage. and she fought and fought and ultimately the supreme court said she couldn't litigate her case, but it took congress to pass a law to make sure that he would get justice and people
7:42 pm
like her. and i thought romney had no answer for when the president said what about equal pay for equal work? that's a almost american principal, and i think that was one of the parts of the debate that sure showed the difference between the candidates. >> jennifer: i do too, especially since he didn't answer the question, and can't seem to answer the question. one of the points that i liked the most was when the president said that the buck stops here on that libya situation. you are an executive, and as you know as governor, you have stuff happening in your departments all the time, that you are not aware of. you may have a department somebody engaged in something that has wrongdoing but it's important for the chief executive to take full responsibilities for your offices' actions. do you think that the president put that question to rest by taking rul responsibility. >> yes i do. when you are commander and chief
7:43 pm
of the united states military and in our case of governors, you are commander and chief of the national guard, everything you are responsible for. and president obama understands that principal. and i think he said it is offensive to try to politicize something like that. and i think the people of america understand that. we have a good commander in chief who definitely fights hard for our troops make sure if there is any kind of mistake, the commander in chief finds out and does something about it. >> jennifer: all right. we're going to take a quick break. governor quinn you're going to stay right there. we'll have more with you right after the break.
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it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> jennifer: joining me once again from chicago, is the governor of the great state of illinois, pat quinn. hey, do you think the candidates who talked last night when they were asked about gun control,
7:47 pm
they both said that we need to enforce the laws already on the books, and then they jumped over to discuss violence. what -- what do you think needs to be done to decrease violence in big cities like chicago? i know you are not the mayor of chicago, but just to take off on what they started. >> i think we need to end the silence about the violence. we had a very violent summer in chicago. and one of our citizens in illinois were was in that theater in aurora colorado, he was murdered there. he leaned over to save his girlfriend's life. he was a solder in the navy. and i proposed a bill to ban
7:48 pm
high-ammunition magazines. president obama did bring up the subject of banning assault weapons. romney dodged that issue all together. but we have to deal with this. we cannot have gang bangers armed with military rifles as the president pointed out, shooting down people whether it's in a movie theater or anywhere else. >> jennifer: i think one of the most fascinating parts of the debate last night was the -- the -- actually the -- in the first debate you had romney and the obama families that were interacting after the debate was over, and this time there wasn't any of that. do you think there was some really interesting dynamics -- i think there were so many personal dynamics in this debate that were fascinating including romney and obama sort of
7:49 pm
circling each other on the set. alpha male kind of thing. do you think the personal physical stuff is something that people will remember almost more than the substance? >> it was quite a bit different than the kennedy/nixon debate. i have known president obama for a very strong time. he is a perfect gentlemen and always is. and i think that first debate he was quite gentlemenially and i think in this debate he understand if he was going to be interrupted, that he had to defending himself, and he did that. i think the people of our country saw both candidates very clearly. there is different approaches
7:50 pm
and philosophies. >> jennifer: the way it closed out last night, president obama had a real opportunity, because mitt romney raised the issue of the 100%. let's take a listen. >> i believe governor romney is a good man. loves his family caring about his faith. but i also believe that when he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country consider themselves victims who refuse personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. and i want to fight for them. that's what i have been doing for the last four years, because if they succeed i believe the country succeeds. >> jennifer: admit it you loved that he finally brought up the 47%. >> absolutely. and the president pointed out that a lot of our veterans and
7:51 pm
service members, oftentimes have very modest income but they sure are the heart and soul of america. >> jennifer: this is why i love pat quinn, a man who really channels what people are feeling out there. thank you so much, governor quinn for joining us inside "the war room." up next brett ehrlich proves once and for all that there is no one better at capitolizing on mitt romney's mistakes. >> coming up mitt romney mentioning his binder full of women may have hurt his campaign, but it sure helped my side business. understatement, eliot. build a ground-breaking car. good.
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